Lover's Bridge in Danshui Fisherman's Wharf
Young, Vanessa, Peter, Ling

Titan's friends come from UK. This is first time they come to Taiwan. We came to Danshui by MRT, the weather was very cold, only 9°C.
Nice to meet you guys.
Young talked to me In the UK, can not be arbitrary than 2, in Taiwan and some countries, such gestures are Ya mean victory or hail, but in United Kingdom, it is outside the back of the pick with contempt of means; that's mean " very bad". Now I got it!!!

We tried some food in Danshui, I think you didn't accustomed to this kind of food. But if have more time we can try a lot of kind food in Taiwan next time. :)
I've added the photos on my facebook, you can add me on your list to display it.
And finally, did you go to LUXY club?

I've sent the soaps & Lip balms to Titan. He will bring it back to UK for you. I wish you like it.

The gift is Twinings Tea from Titan brought back for me.
Thank you so much~ I love it!


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